Saturday, May 15, 2010

ESPN OTL: Kermit's Song........Until fate gave Kermit Alexander on last Chance at Peace (Haiti)

Still, Kermit was buoyed by the fact that whenever he and Tami visited Haiti, the kids called them "Mom" and "Dad," and never anything else. Back in the States, he and Tami had moved into their new house and already had begun decorating the children's bedrooms and planning who would room with whom. They knew they would need a longer dining room table, knew they would need a van. Kermit liked the anticipation of it all. He would close his eyes and daydream about a crowded house, just like the one he'd grown up in with Ebora. His nine siblings, the ones he'd always protected, told him they were there for him, that they wanted him to keep fighting for his five kids 3,000 miles away. It warmed him.

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