Friday, May 21, 2010

Kenold Versailles & NASL Crystal Palace Baltimore are having serious financial difficulties

The USSF, through spokesman Neil Buethe, responded to questions about the financial health of AC St. Louis and the Athletica, saying, “U.S. Soccer is aware of some challenges that are currently going on and we are diligently working through the situation.”

Tony Hubert, the spokesman for both teams, added: “The expressions by U.S. Soccer and Women’s Professional Soccer also represent the respective positions of AC St. Louis and St. Louis Athletica. We’re working closely with each organization and appreciate their interest in the matter.”

The English investors are brothers Heemal and Sanjeev Vaid, who were introduced as directors of AC St. Louis when the team was announced last Dec. 8. Both are backers of the Athletica, as well. Vaid owns a global commodity-trading firm while Heemal directs several companies in the English restaurant industry.

AC is one of two men’s franchises in the USSF Division 2 Pro League that sources say are having serious financial difficulties. The other is Crystal Palace Baltimore.

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