Friday, June 18, 2010

American Soccer Player Refuses to Put Hand on Heart During National Anthem

NEW YORK (YBH) – During the national anthem at the beginning of U.S. soccer matches this year one player will be standing apart from his teammates.  American forward Jozy Altidore stands with his hands down during the national anthem.  The rest of the U.S. national team keeps their hand on their heart in the traditional manner for sports teams representing the country.

Mr. Altidore’s parents came to the United States from Haiti 35 years ago.  Speculation is ripe that Mr. Altidore’s weaker on field performances are due to the fact that his parents homeland was devastated by a terrible earthquake earlier this year.  What isn’t clear is why Mr. Altidore chooses to ignore the national anthem.  Mr. Altidore, a 20 year-old American striker, has spent his entire life living in the United States.

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