Thursday, June 17, 2010

Astoria Resident Is A NYMets Community All-Star Finalist

Astoria resident Hector Algarroba, co-founder of the HHS Foundation, has been nominated by Major League Baseball and People Magazine as a finalist for the Mets People All-Stars Among Us campaign. The campaign recognizes individuals who selflessly aid their community and go to great lengths for their neighbors.

The HHS stands for Hector; Hipolito, Hector’s father, and Steven, Hector’s son, all of whom founded the organization in 1998. The foundation began as a small charity when Algarroba came across children in the Dominican Republic playing baseball with very little equipment. He collected used baseball equipment and distributed it to underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic. It has grown to incorporate adults as well, and includes medical and school supplies as a part of its regular distribution. Still, the logo remains: “Helping Children Realize Their Dreams”.

The HHS recently expanded its focus to include Haiti, donating wheelchairs, canes, and other medical supplies to those in need after the earthquake. Algarroba has donated 3,000 wheelchairs since 2003, between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, with the help of the Wheelchair Foundation and the American Wheelchair Mission. The Catholic Medical Mission also aids the HHS now, helping the foundation reach its next goal to distribute 1,000 canes, 1,000 crutches, and more than 2,000 backpacks and school supplies.

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