Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chilean Jean Beausejour Coliqueo dedicated his World Cup goal to his family - including Haitian-based relatives

Beausejour's mother is an ethnic Mapuche, who make up around four percent of the Chilean population but who are relatively poor.
"It hurts me to see my people suffering - I identify with the Mapuche people," says Beausejour.

The Mapuche resisted Spanish invadors for some three centuries before they were conquered by the Chilean army in the late 19th Century.

Chile's most popular club, Colo Colo, bears the name of a Mapuche chief from the 16th Century.

Beausejour dedicated his goal to his family - including Haitian-based relatives.

"I dedicate this win to my son, my wife and my family. My Haitian relatives are currently in Santiago so they will surely be celebrating!:

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