Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Edmonton Eskimos rookie’s Frantz Joseph taken the hard road to CFL

Marie Clercius is home in Florida, by herself, while the youngest of her five children, Frantz Joseph is a lifetime away, in Edmonton, fighting his hardest to earn a contract with the Edmonton Eskimos for the most basic of reasons — money.

Not money to frivolously spend on himself, but to do what he’s been doing all his life, support his mother who has rarely enjoyed more than the basics of life. She and the first three of her children arrived from Haiti by boat nearly 40 years ago.

Joseph, a 23-year-old linebacker, along with his four siblings and his mother grew up in poverty. With no legal papers, Clercius was forced to work jobs like cleaning toilets and taking out trash. It sometimes put food on the table, but seldom was enough to pay rent, so the family was often evicted from the cramped apartments they stayed in.

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