Monday, June 21, 2010

Jamaica's Chance of Remaking it back to the World Cup

All the excitement of the world cup has certainly taken over much of the world, I mean even Americans who dont normally like the sport have jumped on the world cup wagon and started to express their appreciation of football (yes its football, not soccer). I guess it was bound to happen eventually, football is after all the one sport of the world. Next to athletics there is really no other sport that is more played everywhere around the world. Jamaica has always had somewhat of a football culture, a culture that peaked around 1998 when we managed to be the first english speaking caribbean island to qualify for the prestigious world cup. We have also produced alot of world class footballers including our current team captain Ricardo Gardner (currently playing for English Premier League club Bolton Wanderers), Ricardo Fuller (Stoke City former EPL team), Luton Shelton and countless other Major League Soccer stars. When you combine all of this together one has to question why it is that we have not been able to qualify for the world cup (or even reach the final CONCACAF qualifying round for that matter), since our triumph in '98, Jamaica has certainly fallen from glory

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