Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jozy Altidore Has USA on His Chest, Haiti in His Heart

Thousands of miles away, earthquake that devastated Haiti took its toll on Altidore, too

Jozy Altidore has USA on his chest and Haiti in his heart.

Devastated by the January earthquake that rocked his parents' homeland — and where many of his relatives still live — Altidore found himself distracted. Soccer is his job, and never was a season more important than this last one, what with Hull fighting relegation in the English Premier League and the World Cup only a few months away.

But how could he concentrate on a match when people were dying? When children were left orphaned and living on the street? When a country that is part of his heritage was suffering?
"It was just depressing, depressing for a while," Altidore said Wednesday. "Even while I was playing football, at times, football wasn't even on my mind. It was just the worst possible mindset I could have been in, playing in the biggest league in the world, playing for a team that's trying to avoid relegation. You need all your players to be there."

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