Friday, June 18, 2010

Philly Saying Goodbye to Sammy Dalembert's

Samuel Dalembert’s basketball skills never looked pretty. He didn’t pick the game up until he was a teenager, having played soccer before that as a kid growing up in Haiti. He was drafted for his potential; potential many felt he never lived up to.

Often when a player’s career with an organization comes to a close people recount their great moments or plays that stood out above others during their tenure. But with Dalembert’s departure a classic play or memorable performance doesn’t come to the forefront.

And maybe that was the problem – Dalembert never made plays that separated him from the ordinary. He was gifted with great athletic ability and for a big guy he could run the floor like a gazelle. He was the Sixers’ last line of defense for the past seven years, but it was a defense that was lacking in so many ways, not all of which should be laid at the feet of Dalembert.

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