Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tennis tabled at Fernald?.... Mozart Francois runs the Waltham Table Tennis Club in

For Mozart Francois, who runs the Waltham Table Tennis Club, his home away from home is an old gymnasium where natural light streams in through big, cathedral-like windows.
The gym is a sanctuary, where players spend hours honing and developing their skills, exercising their minds, building camaraderie and getting exercise, said 52-year-old Francois.
Soon the squeaks of shoes and the never-ending pings of table tennis balls hitting the shiny, wooden floors will stop for good.

The gym Francois has used since 1999 is in the Greene Building at the Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center, which is scheduled to close June 30.

Francois said he received a letter three weeks ago telling him he could not use the facility after the end of the month.
"This is a growing sport," said Francois. "The move out of Fernald threatens this progress."

"It's very stressful for me to not provide the type of joy I see on these guys' faces when they leave the building," he said.

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