Thursday, July 8, 2010

Haitian-Japanese Zachary Herivaux hope to make Japanese National Team for next World Cup in 2014

The team’s success is thanks in part to the strikers, Lance Mayo and Zachary Herivaux, the coach’s son. Both Mayo, who is of Jamaican-American descent, and Herivaux, of Haitian-Japanese descent, have participated in the United States Olympic Development Program and have YouTube highlight videos online. Herivaux’s clips, which show him weaving around defenders and finishing goals with either foot, have more than 8,000 views to date.

Pedro Herivaux met his wife, Miki, in Japan while he played professionally there for Gamba Osaka. Zachary was born there and is fluent in Japanese.

In August, Zachary will travel back to Japan to try out for Gamba Osaka’s youth team, and has hopes of making the Japanese national team by the next World Cup in 2014.

“I’m a little nervous to see what it’s like,’’ says Zachary. “I’ve never played soccer over there, but I know they play a much different style. I think we’re a little more aggressive here.’’

In the one year the Shalrie Joseph Soccer Club has been in existence, coach Herivaux has implemented his aggressive Haitian style and led his international mélange of strangers to a chance at a national championship.

The easy part was getting them to get along.

Herivaux and Joseph often hosted potluck dinners at their homes where they encouraged players to bring their own food. That way, teammates got a taste of the cultures donning the same Lions uniform.

“They’re all so comfortable with each other,’’ says Herivaux. “They’re a family.’’

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